CONGRATULATIONS Daily winners!!!


Tuesday, October 3rd  Cristi Barchie - sold by Rachel Cohen - Ticket #1795

Monday, October 2nd  Profita - sold by Annabelle Lindsey - Ticket #2301

Sunday, October 1st   Heather Ledford - sold by Rachel Samples - Ticket #2591







  • Raffle sales August 18 - September 15, Raffle tickets $5 each                                                                                                     
  • 31 prizes – daily drawing October 1 - October 31. Mr. Mac will draw winners out of a drum. Winners announced daily on Band FB/IG.                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • 31 chances to win                                                                                                                                                                             



10 tickets = special edition band sticker


20 tickets = chose 1 (Chick-fil-A “be our guest card”, or school coffee shop voucher, or school Menchie's voucher)


30 tickets = 1 entry for student into raffle


Whole Band prize - 1000 raffle tickets sold = Doughnut Party


Top raffle ticket seller - Pie in Mr. Mac’s Face


**Ticket stubs must be returned with $ in a sealed envelope. Keep the envelope your tickets come in and return stubs/money in that envelope. Make sure your name is listed on sold by line so you can get credit. Turn in to the white box in the band room. Make any checks payable to Creekview Band Boosters. If you would like to pay for tickets through the website please use the link on the front of the website or select the payment forms in My Account>My Forms and select the Calendar Raffle form.


Request more tickets - Either email or ask Mrs. Lofton at practice/game